Thursday, August 16, 2012

My 31 Day Challenge Plan - and my stash!

Okay, so you may have seen the 31 Day nail art challenge elsewhere.  I found it at, and loved the idea!

I have been hoarding nail polishes, nail art embellishments, glitters, nail art pens, brushes, acrylic kits and ... well, you get the idea.  Everything I've bought I've loved: but I bring it home and it goes in the nail art caddy.  Then when it's mani day, I have a complete creativity blackout, and do something simple and/or boring like a shatter or a plain colour.
My nail art caddy: my stash!

So for me, this challenge is about three things:

  • expanding my repertoire, 
  • channelling my inner nail technician, and 
  • using all these wonderful bits of bling I've been collecting! 
One thing I should be clear on up front: I have no intention of doing this challenge in 31 days!  I have a busy job, a home and husband to keep, and other things I need to get done!  Instead, when it's time for tidying up my nails, I'll be doing the challenge in order.  So on day one, I'll do day one's challenge: but I might not do the day two challenge until the following weekend when I have some time.  

Oh, and I'm definitely not a professional: sometimes my nails will be rushed, sometimes messy, sometimes not great.  So please comment, but please be gentle with me!  I'm doing this for fun, not to win prizes!

Join me!

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