Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nail polish stash - all the colours!

My mum tells me I have 'enough' nail polish.  By which, she means, far to much for one person.

So, with a view to sharing the joy, and starting to practice my nail art with others, here are shots intended to give you an idea of the colour range and effects I can offer!

Unfortunately, I am still relying on the camera on my phone, so the colours aren't entirely true to life - but they'll give you an idea!  And that's why I've shown some twice - to catch the light best.  Those at the bottom of the photo are the most true to life.

Crackles and glitters

Liquid sands

Greens, blues and teals

Greens, blues and teals

Pinks, neutrals and purples

Pink, neutrals and purples

Reds, pinks and browns

Magnetics and glitters

Tints, black, grey, silvers and gold

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