Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black and White & Gold Leaf

Today I wanted to play with another of my new goodies: gold leaf! Next up in my 31 day nail art challenge was black and white nails, so, of course, I combined the two!

Black was Union Jack Black by Butter. A gorgeous high gloss creme, this applies easily and coverage with two coats is amazing.

White was White Shatter by OPI. I know shatters are over, but I wanted an easy way to get the black and white effect as I knew I'd be messing around with the gold leaf.

And, a gold leaf tip! It's not smooth, but I think that's because of the shatter. Once I got confident with the leaf it was easier than I expected. I used a damp soft nail art brush to pick it up and apply to the nail, over wet top coat. It cut well with regular scissors. It definitely responds to a confident touch. This is not a nail art effect for the impatient!

I like it! I couldn't have achieved this gold colour with any polish. And I do love a bit of bling! What do you think?
Inside, in natural light.
You can see the bumps where the shatter has split.

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